Do’s & Don’ts For your skin in WINTER season!

Have you ever asked your self  ‘What does your skin ask for in return for all the wonderful things it does’?  well the answer is: Just a little care and consideration.

Unfortunately, some girls think that their skin needs a special care only during Summer season.Which is totally wrong!. having a healthy skin means 365 days a year of taking care of it.

Therefore, i will share with you ladies, and Moms, some list of Do’s and Don’ts for your skin during winter days.

To start with The Do’s :

1- Hydrate:

A dry skin is an indicator for of dehydration, so it’s better to take your water before you crave it. Water, fruits, and vegetables are good H2O providers for the skin.


2- Vitamin Fer-Iron 

Fer-Iron  is an essential element for a healthy & radiant skin. Few weeks ago, my doctor advised me of taking Fer pills, since my body needs it a lot apparently.

First of all, it was like unwanted treatment for me, but i had to take it anyway! Three weeks later, those pills became on the top of my favorites, Guess why?!.All my life my major  problem was the black circles around my eyes, I’ve tried almost everything, but nothing worked, not even reduced them. But, three  weeks later from taking Fer, everyone could tell a difference. I don’t want to be a liar, they are not totally gone, but they are way much better. Today i can go out without wearing a concealer on, and yet not looking like a drugs addict!.


3- Exfoliate

Use  delicately a dry brush twice a week with a soft, boar-bristle brush, which clears dead skin naturally and at home.


4- Protect

Sun protection is a must 365 days a year! Don’t ever leave the house before wearing on your sun protection. Sun protection prevents aging, and keeps your skin radiant.


5- Detoxify

Make sure to apply a mask at least once a week  to tighten, tone, and purifies your skin.

Moreover, make sure to give your skin a break, at least once a week don’t wear any makeup.


6- Combine

Give your skin a break by using all in one coverage treatment, anti-aging and SPF product.

do and dont.jpg

Let’s swap to the things which you must not do to your skin during winter days.

Don’t do the following:

1- Overkill

The skin is more prone to irritations during drier winter months, it’s better to keep a simple care routine, instead of over-killing your skin with hundreds of treatments.


2-  Over spend

Department store counters are fun for browsing,but, you’ll get more skin care bang for your buck from lines at your local drugstore.


3- Over-Eat

We Crave  a rich food this time of the year, especially during holidays, who can resist all that yummy bites. However, too much of yumminess can show up on our skin as  pores and breakouts.

4- Under-eat

Find a in between solution, don’t over eat, yet don’t starve your self.

Follow a healthy diet rich of vitamins and minerals. On the flip side, few calories can leave you looking sallow and haggard.

5- Under-sleep

Here i am talking about the importance of sleeping well, while i need to do that my self. I love staying up late, and i never sleep before 11 pm. i guess you all know the reason behind my black circles. I am guilty, i know it, But don’t be like me. You must know that skimping on sleep results in puffy eyes, dark circles, and ashy complexions.


Finally, and not least, hope you all find these Dos and Donts a bit helpful for you. and if you have any other recommendations, please share it in the comment box below.

take care of your skin.png

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