Christmas gift ideas for less than 36$!

Christmas is everyone’s favorite season, and that is a fact that no one can argue with. Starting with the spiritual meaning of Christmas to end it with the joy of wrapping and unwrapping the gifts. It surely adds  magic and love to our lives.

However, with all that excitement for Christmas, holidays, treats, beloved people, we sometimes find ourselves  lost and anxious when it comes to selecting the right gift for the right one. especially that we have to shop not only one gift, but more than twenty gifts (for family members, kids, colleagues, partner, friends, etc.). It is probably the most hectic shopping we have to do. Sometimes i feel like Santa is robbing us HAHA.

Not all of us have the time, neither the enough budget to do the right shopping. But we don’t want to forget anyone, and yet we sometimes don’t know what to buy!. Thanks god we can shop online nowadays, it is a time saver.

Therefore,  If you have not wrapped your gifts yet, you may find my post a little helpful. I will share with you guys in this post 6 gift ideas that  cost less than 36 USD. Never underestimate the power of online shopping!


1- Superga shoes for 35 USD


Are you wondering what to gift  your girlfiend!? or maybe your siseter!  Don’t think twice superga shoes is the right gift.

I know you must be wondering how to gift her a superga shoes for less than 36$! No am not crazy! but superga is doing a crazy offer in collaboration with Makhsoom online shop.

This amazing shoes is only for 35 USD, can u believe it!.  By saving 35$ from its original price, You can shop  another gift.


2– Kusmi Tea for 30 USD

Male, or female, it doesn’t actually matters. what matter is that he/she is a tea lover. forget all the cliche gifts, and get them something they really like, something they won’t exchange or re-gift. There is no better tea than Kusmi herbal tea! you can shop their favorite flavor and it will only cost you 30 USD.

kusmi tea.jpg



3– Playground gift card: Kidzmondo/ Treasureisland for 30 USD

kidzmondo gift card.jpg

The most common mistake people do is when they gift a kid a fancy outfit or a piece of jewelry on Christmas. kids are kids. they want to unwrap a gift that will make them entertained and happy.

of-course , you can get them a toy, but after browsing the toys shops lately, the decent toys that they will probably be grateful to have cost above 50 USD. on the flip side, you can make them happy, but for a lower price. can you imagine how much would you save money if you have more than one kid to gift!?. let that gift be special. Let it be a full day of happiness by gifting them a gift card; one day pass to their favorite playground. Kidzmondo city and Treasure island are two of my favorite kids’ playgrounds. Each cost only 30 USD for one day pass.


4- Baking Bundle: The christmas baking bundle for 35 $

I found this super cute baking bundle on The little bundle shop website, and it is only for 35 USD. It will be a great gift for the girls who like to bake, or even your mother. why not!. Moreover, you can check their website, they have very cute bundles and packages. Unfortunately this bundle is out of stock, but you can arrange the same bundle yourself by getting the same  baking set.


Christmas Baking.jpg



5- Customized photo Album

christmas album.jpg

A photo album may sounds a little cliche, but a customized one is definitely  not!  pick a cute photo album and put inside it photos for all the Christmas nights that you spent together. it will be probably the best gift for your sister or brother. And am sure it will cost you less than 36 $.  Check Picsati Albums.



6- A Scarf & Beanie


scarf and hat.jpg

We are facing very cold days lately, Make your beloved ones  feel warm. Head to H&M or any store, you’ll find a wide collection  for both genders. You can find them for less than 36$. at the end it’s about the gesture not the price!

And just for the record  this post is not sponsored, it is an honest opinion.

merry christmas.jpg

Finally, i would like to wish each one of you a Merry Christmas, and blessed holidays! May peace and love fill our world.



Mom with a style




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