Like a Christmas Tree

I guess Christmas season ain’t over yet at least for me! It is maybe a little harder to let go of Christmas with all of its inspiration. I love it so much that can’t let it go easily.

Speaking of Christmas, yesterday my outfit made me look like a Christmas tree as hubby said, LOL! I bet you already guessed what were the colors of my outfit. Well let me ask you Who said that you can’t wear dark green and Red!? They look very good on the tree right, so why not mixing red and green with our outfit!?

Green? Yes green. Green, navy blue, & Burgunday are so in for 2017, so if you don’t have yet any green piece in your wardrobe, tis the time to do so.

I beleive you already know that i love comfy outfis, especially when i am going out with my daughter. Mommy style is a Comfy style! Seriously what can be more comfy than a legging and a loose shirt.

Anyway, I wore a black legging, green loose shirt, & off-white knit. And Off course to run after naya, i must be wearing comfy shoes: UGGS. Ops, i forgot about the bandana! I was really having a bad hair day, so the bandana saved the day. Plus it bumped up my style, don’t you think!? O

At last, i am sure that these simple pieces can be found in every girl’s closet, no need to tell you where to find them. Because style was never about the brands nor pieces, it’s about having a style that defines you!.

What Style defines you!?

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