Mom With a Style Feel 22 FT Sephora

I guess i will never say ” I Have enough Makeup”, although i really do LOL. It became an addiction long time ago!

Each week i must get a new product. In need for or not yet i must get it. Last week I was happy to finally get my hands on the Sephora collection Palette from  If you haven’t yet heard about, It is a Lebanese website where you can shop your favorite beauty brands, such as Sephora, Toofaced, Becca, Huda beautyChanel, and much more. We don’t have to wait for a friend to travel abroad and get us those anymore. Thanks to Feel22beauty They are available in Lebanon now. What is great about it is all of the products are 100% authentic and good priced. Moreover, They will deliver your order with in two working days as maximum.

At last but not least, You can enjoy 10% discount on your purchase using  my code: Mom with a style Feel 22.

Now, let’s go back to the that breath-taking sephora collection palette. First of all, the packaging  is amazing, it took me back to the 80’s with all that glitter and sparkle.

Second of all, This palette, How Can i say it! it is like a smart phone. You know how a smart a phone is like a computer and a phone at the same time. It is kind of the same here. This sephora face palette has eight shades of eye-shadows, two highlighters, one blush, and eyebrows shades (which i use also as eye-shadow). So got it now!? You don’t have to carry a blush, eye-shadow palette, highlighter, and eyebrow liner in your bag, you just have to carry one portable beautiful palette: Sephora Face palette.


I could tell you a thousand times how great it is,  and how it is a must to have for 2017. but, instead i will show you some photos of different makeup looks featuring this face palette.

Then Make your own judgment!







 So what do you think girls!? It’s to die for right! 

Don’ forget to use my promo code #Momwithastylefeel22 while ordering from #Feelbeauty22! 

Happy shopping. 



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