Giveaway: Feelbeauty22 X Momwithastyle

Hello beauties, As I told you earlier about the amazing website Feelbeauty22 in my last post, where you can find your favorite beauty brands locally. I am happy to share with you that i collaborated with Feelbeauty22 to give one lucky winner the chance to win one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes: Sephora.  We are giving away this charming Sephora Matte Metalic eyeshadow palette, In addition to some other charming makeup goodies. 

To be eligible to win, there are some few steps that you have to follow to enter the draw. First role, you have to be a lebanese resident. As for the other steps which are mentioned on my last post. 

1- Follow both accounts on Instagram : @Momwithastyle & @Feelbeauty22

2- Tag three friends to do the same. But, please make sure not to tag friends who already took part in the giveaway. 

3- To increase your chances of winning, Use my promo code “MomwithastyleFeel22” on your purchase, and enjoy 10% off as well. 

By following these simple steps, you will automatically enter the draw to win. The lucky winner will be announced next week. Oh, did i mention that the gift will delivered to your home!? It is great isn’t it. 

Yalla Ladies, Take a part in the giveaway, and tag your friends before they tag you. 

Don’t forget to share the news with your friends.

Good luck all and Happy shopping! 

Momwithastyle X Feel22



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