Why these Videos must be removed from Youtube

As much as YouTube videos can be educational and entertaining, it can be the most dangerous thing to our kids. As a mother of a 19 months old girl, I can’t prevent her from using youtube that age, so imagine the older ones!. I am not generalizing all videos, Not at all. we started introducing Naya to you tube at the first place to spot some educational videos, and to let her hear music, and it helps us to get her into bed. But, recently we have noticed some youtuber, maybe there are many of them, but a specific one attracted our baby.  That you-tuber unfortunately is a parent as well, which makes it worst because how can a parent post some videos that influence kids in a bad way even his own kids just to reach a high number of views!?.


I won’t preach about parenthood, and kids behavior, in this specific post, i just want to point fingers at those kind of violence encouraging videos, which are supposed to be kids videos.

This Youtuber must be suspended from posting such videos with bad influence on kids and toddlers:

Youtube subscriber:

Aaron DeBoer

Channel link :


by checking their videos, you will understand my anger.

Why Aaron DeBoer should be suspended from posting those kind of bad videos:

Why these Videos must be removed from Youtube

1- Empty content

I am not a you-tuber, at least not yet. but I believe that when a person decided to post a video on YouTube, it must promote a specific content, a message, brand, or tutorial, anything but a content with a meaningful outcome. unless, they should not do so. It is not about the views rate, it is about the content.



2- Violence stamp

Those videos encourage kids to be aggressive violent. especially if they were demanding for a thing, and they didn’t get it. Trust me, my baby Naya started throwing food on my face, slapping me, kicking me, and much more alike actions ever since she started watching those bad videos. Not only to me. she starts behaving like that especially when i tell her the famous word; NOOO! Seriously, how can i teach my baby that violence is wrong, and it is not the right way to solve problems if such a bad videos are published. Come on parents, she is only 19 months, she doesn’t even talk, so talking to her isn’t going to help. kids are good imitators, and you all know that.


3- Child Abuse

The whole family are on YouTube, maybe they are actors, i don’t care, what i care about is the influence they are leaving behind.  I don’t want to be a judgmental mother, but i believe that those parents are abusing their kids, and not letting them enjoy their childhood just to make money out of it. where are the kids rights!? how can they teach them what is wrong and what is right, if they are pushing them to behave in a bad way.


4- Bad Influence

Toddlers and Kids brains are almost empty, They can’t distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. It is our job as parents to fill it with the right values and the right information. As i said earlier, kids are the best imitators, they definitely know how to ”Copy-Paste”. They imitate you parents first, then they imitate any action they see. Who influence the kids the most are kids themselves. they imitate each others, they are naturally jealous, and they do what they see thinking that it is the right thing to do.


5- Bad Attitude and Moral issues.

Those actors kids who are playing the videos seems like they have no respect toward their parents, especially their DAD. maybe they are not, but that is what they are showing to our kids. I don’t want my baby to treat me nor her dad the way those kids do. No parent wishes that. These videos are making parenthood much more harder.


6- Pacifier Dangling

If you watch those videos, (please don’t let your kids see them) you will notice that those kids most of the time have a pacifier in their mouths.  For parents who have toddlers like me, one of their main issue is how to help their toddler let go of the pacifier. Those kids are old enough to have a pacifier, so how can we teach our kids to stop using the pacifier if older kids are doing that!. Here we go back to being far away from reality and closer to being fake.


I wish if YouTube force supervision for all kids videos before publishing them.


7-Threaten kids safety

Those videos don’t follow the safety rules. I always ask myself, the person who is doing those videos, did he ever think what if a baby tried to use or to act like the way they do in the video at home!? Most of all the items or materials they use are not appropriate to be used by kids. In addition, sometimes they do some physical activities that can harm the toddlers.


8- make parenting harder

By summarizing all the above reasons, you will finally find yourself helpless, and unable to do your job as parent, when those videos teach our kids how to throw tantrum, violence, rudeness, and negativity then parenthood won’t be an easy job to do, like we needed one more thing to make it harder.  Bottom of line, It is not a personal opinion matter, it is an issue that affects our kids. Parent or parent to be, it is our duty to keep our  kids safe, well raised, polite, and self secure. I can’t prevent my baby to watch YouTube, it is not fair, but those videos keep showing while searching for kids songs or kids videos. Maybe removing them from YouTube is a hard thing to do. and maybe it is not. If we all as parents, fathers, moms, moms to be, aunts, uncles, and grandparents spread the word and share it, maybe it will achieve some explosion and achieve a difference, if not it will spread awareness, and will highlight that issue.   


 Those bad videos are worldwide, and they will still online forever, so imagine how many generations they will influence if we don’t react. So let this be a message to protect  all the kids around the world from such videos. If we all as parents, fathers, moms, moms to be, aunts, uncles, and grandparents spread this word and share it, maybe it will achieve some explosion and achieve a difference, if not it will spread awareness, and will highlight that issue.


together we can change.jpg








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