Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Since valentine’s day is about Love, And love is never only about a woman and man. Love starts with loving yourself in order to be able to love others.

And because I love you,This Giveaway is for you all! Gift your self, or you can gift your girlfriend, it doesn’t matters as long as your are following the steps on My Instagram account @Momwithastyle. 

Anyway, I’ve collaborated with two brands which i have a recent crash for, i don’t like to giveaway something i don’t truely like. So who are that cool brands!? @Macherie_accessories and @Rue22hamra. And …Yes, there will be two lucky winners, not only one!

Let me give you a small hint about the sponsors: Rue22Hamra is a clothing shop located in Hamra beirut, it Has very nice collection of accessories and clothes. You must drop there soon, they are doing a massive promotions as well. What is cool is they are giving away a 50$ voucher to one lucky winner.

Macherie is an online shop who design customized unique and  handmade incredible accessories. Do your remember my #قشطة_عسل earrings that most of you asked me about them!? I got them from Macherie. Good news that Macherie collection is available now at Rue22 shop, so you can check their new collection, and select what you like to have. Moreover, they are offering another single winner a 50000 LL voucher to get your favorite macherie accessories.

Now what are the rules to be one of the two lucky winners!

-Follow me on IG @Momwithastyle, check the Valentine’s dAy giveaway post.

– like the post and follow the steps by following all of mentioned accounts.

– share with us what makes your style complete on Valentine’s day in the comment box.

– Tag as many friends as you want, but each 3 in a seperate comment.

The winners will be announced here on February 15.

The competition is only for people who live in Lebanon.

Happy early Valentine’s day and Good luck all! Xox

Share this post and maybe someone you know will win one of the prizes for you! 😎❤

Outfit: @Rue22hamra 


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