Valentine’s outfits ideas: Momwithastyle X Rue22

With all the love and beauty that valentine’s day holds, it always leaves us lost between two major questions, questions that became a problem sometimes: #1 what to get as a gift. And #2 What to wear!?

Although we are a bit late, finding a time was not that easy, although we were planning for it for a while. Eventually Rue 22  and I managed it. 

I enjoyed a lot styling and shooting this editorial to come up with four different outfits, each defines a different style. 

For me, wearing Red on Valentine’s day is not ritual. But i know that for some other girls it is! I tried to go in between. 

Let’s go back to the cliche red with all the sexiness and beauty it holds, this sultry look will difinitely make all eyes on you. Mid knee length, off shoulders, and in the color red, i couldn’t resist that dress!

I mixed it with a sparkling gold bomber because why not! It is a night look after all.  Oh not to forget that super cute vintage clutch. It was love from the first sight. 

Outfit #2 

I don’t know if i told you before, but i have a thing for vintage outfit, that oldie style got my heart! 

I wore a mid knee black skirt with a side slot, and matched with lace white shirt, fur scarf,  and those vintage gloves and hat. Did you remember when we used to laugh at people who wear blue navy on blue!? Well now it’s their time to laugh back, because now it is 2017 trend. But make sure to have a blanace while these two colors together, one must be shown more than the other, not equally.

Outfit #3 

Lately, we saw Metalic taking over the fashiom industry, shirts, or skirts they are every where. So why not wearing a metalic flared pants with white crop top with kind of short ruffle sleeves for this Valentine’s!? Again Bomber is very trendy, so i topped my outfit with a dark blue navy bomber to add some twist. 

And now it is time for the last outfit! And this is my favorite one so far. 

I think it is alright to show some sexiness on Valentine’s with an edgy outfit. 

I chose a velvet flared burgundy pants( i know it looks red in the photos, but it is not). I wore it with a chiffon shirt with black dots, which show some skin and sexiness, and i wore above a black velvet vest. And because accessories complete it all, i added those fur half gloves and a small clutch. I love it! Don’t you!?

I hope you find your pefect match, please share with me your feedback. Telle which one you prefer the most!?

Shop all full outfits with accessories & shades from @Rue22Hamra,they are available in different colors and sizes. Plus  they ship worldwide as well. 

For more details follow them on Facebook and Instagram @Rue22hamra 

Ps: the valentine’s giveaway is OVER!! 

Congratulations to : 

Romy Maatouk you won the 50$ voucher from Rue 22

Reeta Wehbe you won 50000 LL voucher with Macherie accessories. 

Thank you all for participating and stay tuned for the next giveaway very soon. 
Happy Valentine’s day my loves




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