Child At Heart

It all started with a normal Family Sunday, where we decided to take our little girl out and to have some fun. 
Most probably, after seeing the first photo you would say that I am a little over dressed for a family day out! Well maybe I am. But, chill guys it is was Sunday, who doesn’t get dressed on weekend!? And my husband already got used to the idea that a day out means a shooting day LOL. He got his phone set and the camera Mode on, so you better start getting used to that too haha. 
Playing with my baby, makes me feel a child once again, I guess this is a part of being a mother; to be a child once again. Or i guess i will always a child at heart. 

About that look, i mentioned earlier that i like to wear a long knit or vest while wearing a tiny short. I beleive it transform the look from “Sassy” To “Classy” and of- course a fish net tights to rock it. 

Outfit details:
H&M: jacket 

CharlesKeith: Velvet boots

Veromoda: Tee *short

Calzedonia: Fish net tights

Bag: YSL (Copy) 

Untill Next Post MWAS


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